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The SOCIETY OF SOUTHWESTERN ENTOMOLOGISTS, formerly named the Southwestern Entomological Society, was founded in 1976. The objective of The Society of Southwestern Entomologists is to foster entomological accomplishment in the southwestern United States and Mexico through the encouragement of (1) association and free discussion among all entomologists; (2) the preparation, reading, and publication of papers; (3) the dissemination of entomological information to the general public; and (4) publication of the Southwestern Entomologist. This is a regional publication covering entomological research in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Studies conducted in other regions will be considered if the results are geographically applicable.

The Southwestern Entomologist (ISSN 0147-1724) is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December by The Society of Southwestern Entomologists.


Manuscript guidelines and submission instructions can be found here and in the annual September issue of Southwestern Entomologist.

Authors and Members in Good Standing may access free online PDF copies of their published articles. Contact the Secretary-Treasurer for password to access these articles.


Members meet annually in conjunction with the Southwestern Branch of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). Meeting dates and location are listed in the President’s letter sent to each member annually and are printed in the program for the ESA-Southwestern Branch meeting.


Member dues are $20 per calendar year. Benefits of current membership in the Society include:

  1. Hardcopy of the journal, Southwestern Entomologist, if requested

  2. Online access to free PDF copies of published articles via BioOne

  3. A reduction in page charges for publishing articles

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